Welcome to MTK Papier,

the headquarter of MTK Papier GmbH is located in Hochheim am Main. We are a manufacturer mainly for tissue and paper  products . We deliver to customers around the world, products  like napkins, paper plates, paper cups, table cloth, paper bags, gift wrap and many more. The product design is completely developed in-house.  We operate a Design Department that develops every year and for every season new collections and new designs. Developing the right collections and the right Designs is an important step for our success. Matching the demands of the customer, is our business.  Over the last years our company has constantly improved the Design competence.

As a result MTK Papier GmbH is known as a leading company regarding Design for tissue and paper products. This is the core competence of our company. Thanks to our modern and flexible production facilities, we are the right partner for many customers in the world. We are the manufacturer for clients in Europe and oversees for privat label productions and we are the supplier for our high quality products and brands that the consumer will find in the shelves in many shops worldwide. Investments are made constantly to improve the manufacturing strength of the company. Currently, the construction of a new warehouse is in evaluation. We appreciate your interest in our company.

Certifications of MTK Papier GmbH:

Continuous improvement of quality:

DIN ISO 9001:2008

Due to the ISO 9001:2008 certification, all  organizational processes will be audited that are responsible for the improvement of operational processes, products and services. Continuously increasing work quality and customer satisfaction are the focus here, and are regularly reviewed by an independent certification body. The quality management system  contributes to a higher efficiency through all working processes .

Sustainability and responsibility for our environment:


To ensure sustainable and responsible forest management, the FSC® system was established. The target is, to optimize the long term social, ecological and economic aspects of forest management. In addition, the FSC® certification also includes the traceability of the product process (chain of custody). We document the complete material flow of FSC® products to make the process transparent and to make them traceable. We work on the basis of an own manual, to ensure that all regulations will be implemented. All employees are trained regularly regarding FSC® and sustainable handling of raw materials.